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Dr. Sam Stea launched REIMAGINE with a sellout book signing at the legendary DiSalvo's Restaurant in Williamsport, PA, and has hosted events at Otto's Bookstore (the oldest bookstore in the nation) as well as at the Callie Cares Foundation 

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Sam keeps running out of books--not only because sales are brisk, but because he keeps giving them away to any of his patients who request one, They, more than most, have a survival instinct that represents the heart and soul of REIMAGINE.

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From Dan A. -- 35 year veteran of the Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Agency.


"As a life-long environmentalist, biologist and environmental regulator for 35 years, I appreciated the love of nature and the absurdity of losing it as described in the heartwarming genuineness of Abbey, Max and (eventually) Paul. A great story about humankind's greatest challenge, and a discussion in which we all need to participate.


I devote some of my post-retirement time to the cause of the Citizen's Climate Lobby and the passage of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, in Congress now as HR 763. Yes, the Age of Clean Energy!" 


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Climate Change Editorial Featured

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Early First Reviews:  5 Stars!

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