Climate Causes of REIMAGINE

As a physician and author and activist, there are no shortage of good causes I intend to support with the proceeds from my young adult time traveling “cli-fi” (climate change fiction) adventure novel REIMAGINE. 

I’ve spent a lifetime, as a student and physician, learning what hope, faith and love can mean, and what they can compel us to achieve. 

REIMAGINE is proof of that.

Because in its creation and revision and realization, I have encountered more good will and world-changing people and organizations than I ever imagined.   
-- Sam Stea MD, Author

We don’t list these hoping you’ll support them all.  Take a moment and …


Pick one. Or two, perhaps. Make a difference by casting a small stone in a single pond and make ripples that are felt on the shoreline of a cause that can change a life, a moment, a day, and perhaps even the misguided trajectory of a planet itself.   


After tax and administrative costs, all net profits and royalties from the sale of REIMAGINE go to charities listed HERE.

The Causes We Serve.  Please Explore & Discover Your Way To REIMAGINE.

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