Sam Stea: Doctor. Father. Author. Activist.

Sam Stea, practicing physician, proud husband,, and father of a wonderful son and daughter, is the author of REIMAGINE.

Some time ago, he took a simple and deliberate step back from the complexity of his life, to see himself in a much bigger picture, within a context of past and future, within the balance of the human species with nature, and with what is truly lasting beyond ones years.

With that, he used his love of literature and motion pictures, popular music of the 60’s and 70’s, and harrowing experiences as a physician to write this book- a story of the possibility of the human spirit in the most extreme of circumstances.


His great hope is that others in healthcare, physicians, nurses, therapists of all kinds, scientists and administrators, and young people everywhere, will  join him in his fight to better inform the public, that climate change is the greatest imminent health challenge humanity has yet to face.

There are solutions, right here and now, to REIMAGINE a new and better future for our children.

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