The Most Important Story Of Their Time.



Climate change has left the planet dry, dusty and preternaturally warm—a ruined and pale overheated reflection of its once vibrant self. Green space is a luxury and trees are now the world’s preeminent endangered species—along with the billions of planetary citizens who now survive on something much less than the comforts we know in our current time. ​

REIMAGINE is the story of three teenagers who have grown up in this dust-covered, eternally hot and mankind-forsaken futureworld. But when they discover an old notebook inside an abandoned Princeton University house, possibilities emerge that they never ... imagined.

Within these pages lie the mathematical and metaphysical keys to send our heroes on the adventure of their lives, deep into the past, to 1971 New York City, and beyond. There they experience life and vitality like they’ve never known, and who they meet (memorable friends and challenging foes alike) hold the keys to potentially rewriting history itself.

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The cabby and the vendor. The colorful denizens of Central Park and New York City. Counter-culture hippies who spot kindred spirits. Plus an unerringly friendly musician settling into his New York studio as the second half of his personal and professional life begins. His is a well-known tale from history’s pages -- a story of triumph and senseless tragedy -- many years removed from his halcyon days as a founding member of The Beatles.  

The unlikely union of the climate refugees of the future … with a music legend of the past… anchors a remarkable adventure through time and history that could cause our planet’s inevitable future to be completely altered. A possibility of a better, brighter future… completely REIMAGINED at the hands of John Lennon and three young adults who refused to accept the world they have brutally inherited from us.​​